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Sports Outreach Program

Sports Diplomacy and Outreach

Sports are a way to support individuals, improve community welfare, and foster social change. Highline College promotes cultural understanding between students and diverse communities through sport- based service. Highline College works in collaboration with community leaders to develop context-specific programming, and is specifically interested in global solidarity and inclusion of underserved communities (girls and women, refugees/internally displaced, people with disabilities). It is our hope that through sports, individuals will become empowered agents interested in promoting peace and inclusivity in global and local communities.


  • Increase sports participation for communities who may otherwise be disengaged.
  • To serve as a home and training center for the use of sports, physical activity, and recreation in building peace and understanding in diverse communities.
  • To promote an inclusive community by providing sports, physical activity, and recreation opportunities for underserved populations.
  • To provide students with opportunities to apply their disciplines while meeting local and global community needs.
  • To foster student learning, self-reflection, personal growth, and cross-cultural appreciation through local sport-based service endeavors.

Sports Outreach Events

  • Highline International Soccer Event
  • Highline Futsal International Cup
  • Highline College Gym Night for Women


Contact Fawzi Belal at or (206) 592-3283.

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