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Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are student leaders who represent the diverse and unique population of Highline College. They demonstrate strong institutional knowledge and reflect a positive image of our campus to the community.

The Student Ambassador program allows students the opportunity to gain leadership experience and develop communication skills while assisting Outreach Services in its outreach efforts.

For more information regarding the Student Ambassador program, please contact Tanisha Williams at (206) 592-3212.


Melissa Lacayo
Hello everyone! My name Melissa Lacayo, a student in the ExCEL program (High School Completion/College Credit) and working on my general AA requirements. I work as a Student Ambassador. I’m from Costa Rica and moved to America two years ago. As a young Latina, retaking my education was really important to me and my family, who always pushed me to accomplish my educational goals. Therefore, I started Highline in fall 2015 and since then I’ve been happy and pleased to be part of Highline’s multicultural community. As a student, the fact that I feel comfortable and welcomed in this place makes a huge impact to make me still wanted to come to school and keep pursuing more of what I’ve done so far. I’ve meet so many amazing friends and good people around the campus. It’s such a comfort that I’m learning myself, but also learning from others. I believe that “if you set your goals high, you shouldn’t stop til you get there.” I’d love to keep meeting more people around the campus, so if you ever see me, don’t doubt to say "Hi!" to me.
Risha Sharma
My name is Risha Sharma; I am a Psychology major and a current Student Ambassador. I was born in India and moved to the USA eight years ago. After struggling with the new environment, I emerged out successfully. I firmly believe in serving others. With my involvement in the campus and my community, I was recognized as the Student Leader of the month at Highline College. My motto in life is: Keep working hard. You’ll reach there eventually.